Breathing Life
Into Your Flathead

About Champion

Champion Superchargers LLC was formed in September of 2020 specifically to continue the legacy of Joe Abbin’s Roadrunner Engineering supercharger kits . Dion Casto, our founder, is the former owner of RAPID Tooling Inc, a 13 CNC equipped manufacturing and engineering firm based in Dallas,TX. RAPID Tooling used to machine some of the parts for the kits Roadrunner was selling and now we are licensed to manufacture the complete kits.

We have to give credit to Joe Abbin, the designer of our supercharger system. Below you will find some of his books and a link to buy the ‘key’ which has a digital copy of all 3 books.

Stock, or modified, this book will be an essential reference for both engine owners and professional engine builders to help them d etermine what they have, what they need, and how to achieve a successful flathead rebuild to meet any standard.

This handbook is packed with flathead Ford building and tuning tips, describing proven combinations for both the street and the track. Complete buildups of both normally aspirated and supercharged flatheads are presented with actual test results. The featured engine, “Killer,” made over 215 hp naturally aspirated, and 335 hp supercharged! Find out what really works for making serious flathead horsepower without breaking the engine or the budget!

This book is packed with flathead building and tuning tips, test data and proven techniques for outstanding performance at a reasonable cost for both normally aspirated and supercharged engines. Recommended by Bill Smith, Speedway Motors, “The best book on flathead blowers ever written.” 120 pages, 55 b&w figures.

The Key – Best of Flathead Ford Tech (Flash Drive)

Flash Drive Contents:

  • The books (All are currently out-of-print. See book descriptions below.)
    • Flathead Ford & Mercury V-8 Identification & Rebuilder’s Guide
    • Blown Flathead – Build a Supercharged Flathead Ford for the Street
    • 335 HP Flathead Ford V-8 Performance Handbook
  • Building a High Performance Flathead Ford – 5 part video series illustrating
    the assembly and dyno testing of a modern high performance flathead.
  • Motorhead Mart “Special” Favorites – Special videos of the Motorhead
    Mart “Special” kicking asphalt.

This is a digital collection of flathead Ford material never before available in one place. It is an accumulation of material gathered over a period of 65 years of building, testing, and driving these challenging and wonderful engines. Buying the flash drive allows all this material to be in one place, in a compact, searchable, economial format.

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